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    Jinzhou Peng Da Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing Company


    The description of product


    Titanium Dioxide (Rutile PR-601) ( high purity level)



    【 Molecular formula 】 Tio2 ; 【 Molecular weight 】 79.90


    Characters: white powder without fixed form, odorless, not water-soluble, d ilute sulfuric acid,ethanol, and other organic solvents; slow release in hydrofluoric acid and hot oil of vitriol.


    [Qualification Standard] GB/1706-2006


    Item name

    Index value

    Tio2 amt%

    ≥ 99%

    Total amount of Ferrum ppm

    ≥ 30

    Other chemical element amount

    Upon customer`s requirement

    105°C volatile matter (m\m)%

    ≤ 0.1

    partical size on average um

    Upon customer`s requirement

    Water Suspension PH


    Oil Absorption g/ 100g

    ≤ 23

    Covering Power index against standard %

    ≥ 95%

    Resistivity of the Aqueous Extract Ω m

    ≥ 50


    [Poisonousness] AD1 None of limited regulation (FAO/WHO, 1985); LD 50 ≥ 12,000mg/kg (per mouse , per os)

    [Function] be appropriate for PTC thermistor, piezoresistor, semiconductor capacitor,ceramic capacitor at grain boundary level, multi-level ceramic capacitor, and other high performance ceramic dykanol materials, optical glass, microwave dykanol materials


    [Pakaging] 25KG /bag Requirements: moistureproof, dust-free, dry, ventilate and clean.


    [Price] Factory Price:RMB ¥32,000/ton ( pakaging fee and 17% value-added tax included )

    Export Price: factory price/the current exchange rate+40 US dollars ( customs declare fee, check fee, short distance transportation cost included )

    Export trade terms:Jinzhou FOB


    Contact method Tel:+86 416 2993000; Mobile:15941643369; Fax:+86-416-2835318; E-mail:pdtb@tio2jz.com;MSN:123@pd909.com



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