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    Jinzhou Peng Da Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing Company

    Production Specifications for "Peng Da"Titanium Dioxide (Rutile)



    •  Main content and usage: The main content in this rules is about the technical requirements and experiecing methods.It can be used mainly in the fields of painting, printing ink, chemical fiber, rubber and engineering plastics products.

    •  Quoted Standard: GB1706-93

    •  Techinical Requirements:

    General requirements: the state of titanium dioxide should be dry powder, white color, none of toxicity, easy to pulverize without grinding when use toolsetting.


    Molecular formula:TiO2 Molecular weight:79.88(international atomic weight 1985)


    Specifications: titanium dioxide (Rutile) should accord with the requirements listed in appendix.

    •  Experiecing Methods: ( under GB1706-2006 )

    ( 5 ) Test Standard: (omitted)

    ( 6 ) Pakaging 、 Mark 、 Transportation and Storage:

    •  Pakaging: using paper-plastic compound bag, 25KG for each one;

    2. Mark: the marks, including manufacturer name, product name, trade mark,

    lot number, variety of kinds, model, net weight, date of manufacture and labled with "protect from moisture" , should be signed obviously;

    3. Transportation : loading and unloading should be lightly, avoiding violent shock and crash , no hook and no open wagon used to prevent frature, the qualification of product should be loaded and be gave indications as follows: A. supplyer name B. product name and trade mark C. lot number 、 net weight 、 bag number D. various analyses and tests results and the signet E. serial number of the standard F. testing 、 date of production 、 storage requirements: keep in dry, nice cool, ventilate place, no pile up on ground or outdoors and should be shelved in the warehouse without corrosivity gas in it.


    Qualification Standards

    (to know the specifications and price information, please click the needed product picture)

    PR-511(Specially used for paint)

    PR-521(Specially used for coating)

    PR-531(Specially used for plastic)

    PR-541(Specially used for printing ink )

    PR-551(Specially used for viridine green coating )

    PR-561(Specially used for heat-resistant )

    PR-571(Specially used for papermaking )


    PR-591(Specially used for cosmetics)

    PR-601(High purity level )

    PR-911(Specially used for glass)

    PR-931(Specially used for chemical fiber )

    PR-951(High purity level )

    PR-961(Ultra-purity level)

    PR-971(Specially used for metallurgy )

    PR-981(Ultra-fine level )

    PR-991(Nanometer level)

    PR-501(universal )

    PT-91(Titannium diboride )

    PL-92(Lithium titanate )

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